Saturday, November 1, 2008

Huge Calabash Plant

Others call it "Himala Fruit" but after seeing in one of the magazines, my husband knew it as Huge Calabash. My mother started planted it 3 years ago, my auntie told her it was a herbal plant. The fruit and the dried leaves will make a juice. Numerous illnesses might be cured according to the testimony of the people who already drink it. One afternoon while waiting for my daughter in school, I went to the mall. I saw one store selling different kinds of plants and one of them is the huge calabash fruit. I asked the owner how to process the fruit in order to make a juice and the leaves to make a tea. After knowing it I started to make the tea and tastes like green tea. Last July of this year my husband went to Manila to visit his mother who is very ill at that time, he brings two huge calabash fruits. After taking it my mother-in-law feel better from her illness, now she can take a walk and no more using of wheelchair. Though it was only a supplementary but it's a big help in her health.


  1. naa sad mi ani ba,,dagko nasad,,mao sad gamit nimo as herbal medicine...agi lang ko ..Godbless

  2. dett naa sad mi ani na tanum ba,,,mao sad amo gina tambal sa amo mga sakit....Godbless

  3. para syang pomelo or member lng ng family ng pomelo?!..