Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Manila Vacation

Our relatives in Manila wants us to be there this coming Christmas Season, every time we chat with my husband's brother he always reminds me that we will be having a reunion this December. We haven't met and to think that my husband and I are already married for almost seven years now, so it's really an obligation maybe to meet my brother-in-law personally because the rest of them have already met and before we can't confirm our schedules. So by this time there are no excuses and it is our first time to celebrate Christmas in my husband's place. Well, two weeks vacation is good enough to have bonding with each other. One thing, here in Davao City we are not allowed to sell or buy any kind of fire crackers and it is a city ordinance many years ago. My daughter did not experience such event during Christmas so if the plan will be grant she may experience some kind of fire crackers. Am I excited or not? I don't know (LOL). I can't imagine spending Christmas and New year without my mother, brothers and their families and my friends, but this time I have to set aside my feelings the important is my husband and my daughter are very excited to visit. Anyway Christmas presents is not only in a material thing but, the most significant is to give your loved ones a feeling of contentment and that is my gift to them visiting Manila once again.


  1. I miss Manila, I really had a nice time when I was there. And I will surely miss the way we celebrate christmas there..advance merry christmas

  2. good luck to your vacation..there are lots of places to hang out here in manila, but sympre mas masarap sa province,heheheheheh!!! good luck buddy, just be with the moment!!!!

  3. visit...back to visit and coment...thank

  4. visit...back to visit and coment...thank

  5. Time flew so fast, i am going 28 years old in December.

    Enjoy the Vacation.

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