Friday, November 28, 2008

Babusanta, Talicud Island

My family is very fun loving in going to beaches, last summer vacation starting the last weekend of March until May we are spending our spare time going to the beach. I prefer beach than going to swimming pool, according to my gynecologist advice swimming pools especially in resorts are prone to acquire infections particularly to women. This weekend we are planning to go again to Babusanta, but we have to re-route our plan to Glan, Sarangani Province for some important matters and we are excited, for this is our first time to visit that place. The reason we are going again and again to Babusanta is that the place is so natural, peaceful and quite. From Davao City Sta. Ana Pier, we ride a motor boat for an hour at 50php per person. Upon entering to the beach we pay 10php an entrance fee and the overnight cottage is only 400php without limit to the number of person and no corkage at all. Natural in a way that there is no electricity, the cottages are wide open, we can build a tent if we want to and the caretaker is very accommodating. He assists us if we need something and check us every time. It is so wondrous to sleep at an open cottage and looking at the moon and stars above. I feel that I am in the outer space like an astronaut (LOL), at least my dream came true even in my wild imagination.


  1. wowowow
    reall miss the beach....
    mas masarap talga sa beach kesa sa pool.

  2. wow! a real haven!!! id love to go there! amiga u love to go out,haiz, sarap nyan! green with envy! sana ako rin mksama sanyo,hehehehehe!