Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Flower Horn

Four years ago my brother gave us a "Flower Horn" fish and an aquarium too. We named it "Looh" according to my daughter's favorite cartoon character Winnie the Pooh and the name "Looh" rhymes with the name Pooh. Last year our fish died maybe because of the food that we feed it, I have to cut down my monthly expenses and the fish food is quite an expensive one so I changed it to other kind of fish food. Without knowing that flower horns are very sensitive especially to foods they eat. Usually this kind of fish bit your finger when you touch them, but ours not. "Looh" is so cool and amusing fish and this fish know who are the members of the family in our house. The time "Looh" passed away I felt so guilty for why I have to give up the food rather I can omit my other monthly expenses without sacrificing it. Even though it is only a fish, but for us "Looh" is part of the family and this fish give us happiness in our lonely moments.

Early this year my brother gave us again his flower horn, but this time it is not the small one. We can't play it anymore with our bare hands, we are afraid maybe the fish bit us (LOL). Now we feed it with the right fish food and started to search through internet on how to take care a flower horn. We named it "Eloh" after my daughter's name "Elah". As you look at the picture you can see the Chinese character in "Eloh's" body.


  1. hey!!! u also post a flowerhorn! Did u see that picture in my latest post? I didn't keep a flowerhorn, and now it's no longer a trend. That time there was an over supply of flowerhorn and people throw them away into drains and lakes cos these kind of fish can survive pretty well even in harsh environment. Sad!

  2. hay ur true here sister that fishes in aquirium is part of the family..
    ganyan din asawa ko makalimutan nya nang lahat wag lng yung food ng fish lol!

  3. manila looks so nice on pictures, wonder why if I am there, I dont feel so at ease...lols
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  4. This is very expensive fish 5 years ago.
    In my country indonesia, we call this fish is LOHAN.

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  5. very nice ..lou han is a golden fish..heee...