Friday, October 31, 2008

Overnight with the Souls

My family is planning to have an overnight tomorrow in the cemetery, it's all soul's day. Right now we are busy preparing what to bring especially the foods. I already borrowed a tent from my friend, boyfriend of my best buddy and he allows me to use his tent. Actually that tent stayed for me for almost a year from now, hehehehehe! My daughter is very excited she wants to bring her costume attire, but I said no no. Instead, I suggested to wear a mask. The other year she joined the costume party but, she was afraid of the other people who wore a shuddered attire. I told her that they are just a fancy dress up, but she suffers a fearful condition. That's why I will not allow her to join again, maybe next time when she can handle her fears. We will bring word factory toy game in order to enhance our English skills and have a bonding with each other.

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