Sunday, November 9, 2008

Life in the Island

It really caught my attention while watching television last night. The episode was gold in the sea, they are referring a color yellow fish when it is still fresh. I was late for that episode since I just finished my blog review. The main part which is really touches me is that the life there is very simple, mostly the source of their daily needs is from fishing. They don't even have the money to pay their debts. Every time a fisherman catches up with some fish he will pay the debt through the fish itself. There is a lesser money involve in that community, the barter system is presently practiced. As I go over to the episode I was really scared with regard to the safety of the fishermen for, they encountered the big waves. Since Batanes is facing the Pacific Ocean and it is an open sea normally they experienced big waves when fishing. The families of the fishermen are hardly prayed and worried of course of what will happen to their loved ones every time they go on fishing.

For me this story is an eye opener, don't use enough the resources that we have right now. Think twice before spending whether it is a need or a want. It reminds me of the blog of my friend stating the current economy nowadays. I should be aware of. Therefore, I must spend wisely.

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  1. hi adette i watched this episode through the, yes i impressed about their livelihood..they even practiced the old tradition of fishing...which is good..
    pangit nga lng yung mga dayuhang pumapasok sa atin!..