Monday, November 3, 2008

Nightlong Rain

Last all soul's day we spent an overnight at the cemetery to commemorate our loved ones who already resting in peace. We build up a tent before the day we had our overnight, but when we are there I was puzzled where is the tombstone of my father for the place was filled with so many tents. There was a family who used our tent that's why I am confused, at last I found it. We immediately assembled the camp tent for the rain begun to fall. I thought it ended soon but it was a nightlong rain and the water started to get in. We cannot sleep inside the camp tent so we decided to sleep outside, the open tent. We sleep like a sardines inside the can. I want to go home, but my husband told me that it was only 1 night to stay so be patient. My husband and I had a sleepless night, my daughter keeps on waking up and my mother started to wake up due to her stomachache. We lift early in the morning and the rain stops.

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