Friday, October 31, 2008

Overnight with the Souls

My family is planning to have an overnight tomorrow in the cemetery, it's all soul's day. Right now we are busy preparing what to bring especially the foods. I already borrowed a tent from my friend, boyfriend of my best buddy and he allows me to use his tent. Actually that tent stayed for me for almost a year from now, hehehehehe! My daughter is very excited she wants to bring her costume attire, but I said no no. Instead, I suggested to wear a mask. The other year she joined the costume party but, she was afraid of the other people who wore a shuddered attire. I told her that they are just a fancy dress up, but she suffers a fearful condition. That's why I will not allow her to join again, maybe next time when she can handle her fears. We will bring word factory toy game in order to enhance our English skills and have a bonding with each other.

Joining A Bazaar

Me and my sister-in-law are planning to join a Pre Christmas Fair in one of the exclusive village here in Davao City this coming November 14-16. We come-up to sell pillows, bedsheets, bags and mango fruits. We visited the location the other day and we agreed to register one slot worth Php 1,200.00 good for 3 days from 9am to 9pm. The given time to sell is more beneficial to us in order to sell and earn more, hoping so. I am so excited for it is my first time to join a Fair. As of now I have already some stocks of the products, my sister-in-law wants to bake some pastries but as we saw the registrants there are popular pastries makers who join so I told her not to make it. I don't know if we have a competitor there, all I want is to sell and have a felicitous fair.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Drink Water

After how many days of drizzle every lunchtime, I suffer now a headache and runny nose. I did not use my umbrella to protect myself from drizzle but the result is, I am not feeling well. My work for the day are pending due to my illness, I cannot perform well due to continuous sneezed. My lips are already dry and it started to chapped and even my throat is also dry. I don't take medicine immediately instead I only want to drink a lot of water. For now a little bit of runny nose I suffered. Before I only drink water when I'm so thirsty but now, I see to it I can drink water as many glasses as I could. It really helps me every time I have a headache and cold.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

School Break

My daughter is busy playing her barbie dolls and watching dvd for its school break. But for me it's not break at all, 5 days only including Saturday and Sunday. I have a lots of chores to do like arranging our closets, segregating the toys and old papers, cleaning up the mess of my daughter, and washing the clothes. I want to finish all those chores but there are times that I have to go out for my small business of dakki pillows. I am a dealer of dakki products and jordana cosmetics as well. My husband told me that he will be the one to do the washing of clothes, it's a big help for me and I am so thankful for that assistance. I am confused, it is a break or an ordinary routine of my daily life? Well, each day is a challenging day for me. As soon as I finished an activity I take it as an achievement.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Bad Condition

My mother is planning to accompany my cousin to Mati City for my Aunt is inviting her to attend the birthday of his son. My Mom likes to travel into places, every time she had a fund she's always on the go. Now she's not coming for a bad health condition, hoping that she will be all right soon.

Paper Folding

One of my pastime while waiting for my daughter in school is the Origami. It is a Japanese art of folding paper into shapes representing objects like flowers, birds or vase. Many of my co parents and guardians are making Origami, at first I was observing how to do it. It's a good idea, instead of throwing the old magazines, brochures or leaflets I can recycle them into paper folding. As of now I have 1,000 pieces of paper folding and it's not enough to make a swan, I still do it every time I have a spear time. I collected old magazines from my friends and relatives, it's a mirthful felt.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Busy Week

Starting Monday of October 13, 2008 until today, I was so busy with my so-called small business. I've got many orders of dakki pillows, blouses, t-shirts and bags. After sending my daughter to school, I have to double my time for it is three hours only to spend for my small business, getting the orders then deliver to my dealers. Afterwards, I will have to go back to my daughter's school to pick her up, then we went home. It is so tired, but I have to earn at least a little amount in order to compensate our daily fare expenses. For a mom like me, having an eight hour job is a difficult one for me because I have no helper to take care of my child. My husband and I agreed that when it comes to my daughter I will be the one to handle. In typical ways, it is normal that the mother will be the one in charge of the children and the father is the one to provide for the needs of the family. Nowadays some of the couples both in worked, but for me as much as I could I will be the one to nurture and take care of my child. I cannot blame the other parents for, they have a valid reason for being a working moms and dads.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Try to learn English

My best friend encouraged me for months now that I have to create a blog in order to improve my English skills and have some fun as well. I did not try, until I realized that having a blog is a matter of expressing my feelings and thoughts and at the same time my grammar will be improved. During my school days I hate English subject and I'm forced to study for the reason of not failing it, what a bad idea but that is the reality. I am not ashamed for telling this and to be known by everybody. As of now my daughter is in preschool and I have to study a lot about
English in order to teach my daughter the proper way of using the English word.