Monday, November 10, 2008

Proudly Filipina

Miss Karla Paula Henry represented the Philippines in last night Miss Earth 2008 pageant, crowned as Miss Earth 2008. She also received a special award Miss Photogenic. A 20 year old from Cebu City excelled from eighty-five delegates from other countries. A big hand for Karla Henry who contributed her time and talent in order to win the pageantry. Congrats girl for being the first Filipina who won Miss Earth.


  1. she deserves to be crowned Miss Earth.. she's pretty, smart-looking and talented.. hey, where's the magazine that you told me? haha kidding

  2. she is very pretty. Too bad I wasn't able to watch the pageant. Does she have brain?
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  3. Another Filipino Pride...

    by the way i just followed your blog, mind if you follow mine too.. thanks!

  4. hi visiting you back, waiting for u to come by hehehe