Friday, November 7, 2008

Toothache or Odontalgia

Weeks ago my best friend complaining of her toothache, it was not tolerable at all and she had taken pain relievers but it still exists. Last day I accompanied her to the dentist, she is confused whether to go on extracting her tooth or not. I knew she is worried and a little bit nervous of what she heard with the other woman who had already done. I gave her my full support in order not to back out, in the first place she had her leave of absence in the work. At last my best friend came up with a decision to say yes and it's well-done. Now, no more toothache and hassle free to any activities especially in work. A big thanks to the dentist who attended my best friend, she is a smart one.

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  1. hi girl..tnx for your support..honestly i decided to back-out that time..i'm afraid really..ehheeheh