Sunday, November 16, 2008

Signal number 1

Last November 14, 2008 Friday, according to some people Davao City was declared signal number 1 by a typhoon. My cousin told me that no boats allowed to crossed Samal Island, since I was in the selling activity for the whole day I didn't know what is all about. I thought that is an ordinary rain and everybody knows that Davao City is free from typhoon. My mother told me that once in every 30 years Davao City will be experiencing a typhoon but not that too much like in Luzon, Visayas and partly in Mindanao. I was amazed and partly glad for me I haven't experienced a typhoon ever since I was born (LOL). Now, I already experiencing it but good to hear for it is only signal number 1. Every time we had our vacation in Manila there is no typhoon because its summer season. My husband's opinion is not a typhoon at all, maybe it is a low pressure and windy. He said, Davao City is still the best city for the resources are abundant especially in terms of foods.


  1. ur so lucky girl
    never mo pa ma experienced bagyo,,,
    which opposite in our town legazpi ,albay
    prone to typhoon...kawawa place namin sabayan pa ng lava from mt. mayon.haha

  2. well we had snow here yesterday but the weather today look fine.. Have a great day to you
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  3. OMG!!! sarap nmn jan sanyo....waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh! dito baha ng baha, bagyo ng bagyo! haiz!hehehehea! sarap tlga jan sanyo!!!!