Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Busy Week

Starting Monday of October 13, 2008 until today, I was so busy with my so-called small business. I've got many orders of dakki pillows, blouses, t-shirts and bags. After sending my daughter to school, I have to double my time for it is three hours only to spend for my small business, getting the orders then deliver to my dealers. Afterwards, I will have to go back to my daughter's school to pick her up, then we went home. It is so tired, but I have to earn at least a little amount in order to compensate our daily fare expenses. For a mom like me, having an eight hour job is a difficult one for me because I have no helper to take care of my child. My husband and I agreed that when it comes to my daughter I will be the one to handle. In typical ways, it is normal that the mother will be the one in charge of the children and the father is the one to provide for the needs of the family. Nowadays some of the couples both in worked, but for me as much as I could I will be the one to nurture and take care of my child. I cannot blame the other parents for, they have a valid reason for being a working moms and dads.

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