Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Philippine Public Transport

One of the Philippine public transport is the so-called Jeeps, as I remember the old jeeps named San Francisco and Sarao. Nowadays there are a lots of brand names and types of jeeps as what we have seen today. It is my daily routine to ride a jeep so most of the time I experienced different situations inside the jeep like arguments between driver and passenger regarding the fare matrix. Last November the LTFRB are announcing the tentative changed in the fare for the first four kilometers from 8php to 7.50php to regular passengers. As I about to open the television this evening it is in the news that the new tentative fare matrix be implemented by 15th of December of this year to Jeeps, buses and taxicabs. Me as one of the daily commuters feel a little bit glad for that information but, if we try to analyze the fact that most of the drivers are only renting a unit of jeep it's better not to change the fare matrix since there are many Jeeps today in the roads so the probability of gaining more income is negative. Even though the continuous decreased in oil products it is not the basis for fare roll back, if we can see the financial status of some drivers, a lot of them complaining their daily income. Good for the operators for, they have a fixed income every day that is why I cannot blame the drivers if they want to seek more passengers even if no space enough to seat. As crisis still in our economy today, I hope that there are people who will find ways to help these community helpers. A friendly reminder to all public drivers, safety must come first before anything else.

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  1. hello adette
    at last nakita ko na ikaw sa here sa blogs mo
    thanks for sharing the photos..i miss the jeepney hehe