Friday, December 5, 2008

Family Day

I received a letter from my daughter's school stated that no class for Preschool today but we are all expected to join the "AGSCA Family Fun Day" tomorrow. Sad to say that our daddy is not around and he cannot be with us, he is in Manila right now visited her ill mother. My daughter is very excited for there are attractions and activities in the event but, she also wants to watch the Nutcracker Ballet, a children's Christmas ballet under the direction and choreography by Nicolas Pacana & Gregory Aaron of ATLANTA Festival Ballet, USA. I decided not to watch the ballet for the time is conflicting to the family day and besides family day is important for me, it is once a year activity and I will meet the teachers, fellow parents and my child's friends. I am pretty sure my child will enjoy because one of the activities is the lightning of Christmas symbol. We had attended family day before for two consecutive years but, I am not really delighted for the event held in the swimming pool for the whole day. Now it is a different family day for us and hoping that this is an enjoyable moment to both of us.


  1. I hope you will enjoy you family day..

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  3. marry cristmas abd happu new year..thank to visit me..

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